About Us


At Aztec Industries, we embark on a transformative mission to redefine the landscape of the steel fabrication industry. Our commitment is centered around revolutionizing the way fabrication facilities conduct business, setting new benchmarks for excellence and efficiency.

We empower our dedicated employees to transcend industry norms and surpass customer expectations at every juncture within our organization. We foster a culture that not only expects but encourages individuals to go above and beyond, elevating our collective performance to unparalleled heights.

Our overarching goal is to deliver not just products, but exceptional experiences to our customers. We strive for top-quality output, ensuring that every fabricated piece reflects the precision and craftsmanship synonymous with the Aztec standard. Committed to agility, we respond promptly to the dynamic demands of the industry, providing swift and reliable services that stand out in a fast-paced market.

At Aztec, we are not merely in the business of steel fabrication; we are pioneers on a mission to redefine industry norms, exceed expectations, and set a new standard of excellence in every aspect of our operation.

Core Values 

Diverging from conventional corporate structures, we embrace a culture of freedom and responsibility at Aztec Industries. Our organization values and nurtures a set of nine specific behaviors and skills in our employees:

                                1.  Judgement                        6.  Courage

                                2. Communication                  7.  Passion

                                3.  Impact                               8.  Honesty

                                4.  Curiosity                            9.  Selflessness

                                5.  Innovation

Our History 

Established in 2012, Aztec Industries, Inc. (AZTEC) has its roots in the vision of a seasoned Structural Engineer who, after more than a decade in the industry, decided to forge his own path. Having witnessed firsthand the common pitfalls and errors in fabrication practices, he was driven to create AZTEC with a mission to revolutionize the field.

Motivated by the goal of eradicating subpar project management, our founder set out to minimize lead times and elevate product quality. Recognizing the pivotal role of qualified engineers and fabricators in fulfilling customer objectives, AZTEC uniquely positions itself by seamlessly integrating both design and fabrication services. This comprehensive approach not only streamlines the workflow but also translates into tangible benefits for our clients.

At AZTEC, we are dedicated to reducing the overall cost of projects, enhancing the efficiency of implementation timelines, and elevating the standards of product quality. Our journey is a testament to our commitment to innovation, client satisfaction, and the continual pursuit of excellence in the dynamic landscape of structural engineering and fabrication.